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image1Hello! My name is Jake, I’m about 2 years old, and I’m quite the charmer. My handsome face and sweet disposition guarantee that everyone who meets me instantly falls head over heels for me. I’m great with other dogs – I love the dog park, and I love my two foster siblings (a husky and a GSP girl – I especially love playing with her)!

I love my people and just want to be with people ALL the time, so I love it that my foster mom works at home so I can stay next to her all day. I’m a fantastic athlete – I ran 12 miles (yes! twelve!) of trails with my foster mom, and, at home, I am an expert yard digger, awesome fence-jumper, and I happily greet each day (and each meal, and each treat, and each person) with loud, vocal stylings. I think that makes me the best dog ever, but my foster mom says that not all people like that and that there’s more folks need to know before considering adopting me. I guess it will take a special family who are OK with an outgoing, active, and (sometimes) loud boy and can help me succeed and be happy.

My biggest problem has something to do with what the people tell me is “separation anxiety,” and, well, although I try to be a good boy, I can injure myself when put in a crate, dig under or go over fences, and destroy things in the home when left loose. I try not to think of these things, because I don’t understand why I do them, so I’ll let my foster mom do the rest of the talking.

Cathy here. Jake is a young, strong, wonderful GSP boy. He pulls strongly on a leash (I walk him 2 miles every morning), but he is learning to do better. He responds well to positive reinforcement and would likely learn well with a family committed to training classes with him. His big issue, which landed him in rescue in the first place, is his separation anxiety. No amount of exercise has been able to help alleviate that very much (although he was pretty wiped out after 12 miles of running).image2

The anxious behavior starts immediately when left alone, and all of the damage (either to himself, if crated, or the house, if left loose) occurs within the first 30 minutes of me leaving the house. On the bright side, he does wonderfully at open-play daycare, which includes a 2-hour kenneled nap with his foster sister; he has his first overnight boarding stay there this week (fingers crossed that he tolerates it). Also, he recently stayed home alone almost 4 hours with nothing destroyed. (Full disclosure: I had locked almost the entire contents of my house out of his reach, but I am going to try this tactic again soon.) The security cam showed that he seemed less panicked when he could look out the windows at the driveway while awaiting my return. His calm foster siblings, and the fact that he had just spent hours at the dog park, probably also helped.

Jake has not been tested off-leash, but he has a VERY high prey drive, so I suspect off-leash would not go well. He is super sweet to everybody he meets, rides well in the car, and will snuggle against you all day if allowed – but he knows “place” if not allowed. His morning walks are not enough exercises, but he absolutely loves trail running in harness and can go all day, and I’ve even taken him with a light at night.

He is a very athletic, active boy who would likely thrive in an active-lifestyle home that has someone who works from home and can be with him to supervise his activities both inside the house and outside in the yard. He has not been tested with children, however, he gives no reason to suspect any issues other than an accidental knockdown. He is not possessive of food, toys, or water. He is a fully vetted adult with an adoption fee.

If you’re interested in Jake, please complete a SEGSP Rescue adoption application (if you haven’t already) and email my foster Mom, Cindy.