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Hi I’m Hannah in central Florida and I’m about 12 to 13 years young. My
wonderful owner recently passed away which was so very sad for me. The
SEGSP Rescue thought I was about 15 because I was so sad and had dirty teeth
but my foster Mom took care of that and the Vet thinks I look much younger

Because my owner loved me so much, before she passed away she gave me to
friends to care for me. But things didn’t go well and I ended up in a
shelter. I don’t think my Mom would have been happy about that because she
loved me and wanted me to be taken care of, not dumped. But I’m safe and
sound now in my SEGSP Rescue foster home enjoying my pick of donut beds and
being spoiled with love. But I would like to have a family of my own again.

My foster Mom says I would make a great dog for an older, less active person
(like my former Mom) – although even at my age I have energy. in fact, using
a prong collar would be wise since I love my walks and might pull you a
little down the road.

I’m what you’d call a true turnkey GSP! I’m house trained and I let you know
when I want to go out and then I just lay by the door until you let me in.
I love everyone I meet, including other dogs. My hearing is not very good
(probably my prior ear infections – certainly not my age) but I’m such an
easy, laid-back, smart GSP that I’ll figure out what you want me to do.
I’m pretty active for an older gal, and enjoy my time outside so I can hunt

I was debarked by my former owner so I have a unique sound – not really a
bark. I was always allowed on furniture so I will hop up on the couch if
you don’t watch me (hopefully you won’t mind). I am now healthy once SEGSP
took care of my bad ear and skin infections – and my blood work results were

I never miss a meal, and will eat anything you give me (I’m definitely not
picky). My foster Mom says I’m an easy, happy-go-lucky, sweet sweet girl.

If you’re interested in adopting me, please complete a SEGSP Rescue adoption application (if you haven’t already) and please email my foster Mom Dorothy at

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