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Hi I’m Ms. Chloe and I’m a young senior about 11 years old. I’m spayed (not that I want puppies at my age, but it’s a requirement of rescue), microchipped (so someone will always be able to find my home for me if I’m lost) and I have had all of my, gulp, shots.

I’ve been told I am a sweet loving girl (I like that). I am very well behaved, house broken (of course, I’m a lady after all) and I’m also crate trained. I love to be around people and am always well behaved when I’m in crowds (I know I’m going to get a lot of attention because I’m so cute). I do well with my foster brother (he’s kinda cute…he’s a 17 month old GSP so he’s like a son to me).

I’m curious about my foster cat, but I don’t bother him. I do well outside laying around the fenced yard (sunning myself of course), but I really prefer to be inside with my humans in air conditioning. I’m not a jumper or a counter surfer (I need to watch my figure). My foster Mom lets me choose where I want to sleep (not furniture because I know she doesn’t like that). I will bark when I am ready to come in and
also when I see out the window that my family is coming home – that’s my favorite time of all.

I would like a family that is willing to give me attention and I’d like canine siblings (at least one) so I’m not lonely when my humans are at work. I am my foster Mom’s first foster baby and she thinks (knows) I’m absolutely wonderful so she’s looking for the perfect family for me (not the “perfect” family, but one that is perfect “for me”).

If you think you’re the perfect family for me, please complete a SEGSP Rescue adoption application (if you haven’t already) and email my foster Mom, Dottie.