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Hi! My name is Barker (my foster family calls me River). I’m a 2-3 year old GSP who was found wandering around an island near Charleston, hungry, exhausted and frightened. I was only 32lbs when I was found, but I’m up to 50lbs now and feeling really good. I’m still a little timid from my time on the streets, but I’ve really opened up since being with my foster family. Sudden, loud noises and quick movement can still startle me, though. I had never lived inside until SEGSP found me. Learning that you’re only supposed to go potty outside was tough but I think I’ve got the hang of it. I’ve learned that if I sit by the door that my foster mom will take me out to go potty. Inside life is the best!

When I’m inside I’m just a super chill, happy GSP. My foster mom says I’m nothing like any GSP she’s ever seen because I’m so relaxed! I love to just curl up with a nice bone and sleep the day away! But don’t get me wrong – I love to run too. My foster mom says I’m nose to the ground when I’m outside. I am still getting used to walking on a leash, but I am figuring it out! I have what they call a “strong prey drive” which means you have to make sure I’m secured outside and when opening a door. If I see a squirrel, I want it! Only fenced yards for me.

It should be clear by now that I’m a quick learner. I’m very motivated by food! I’m not aggressive about food but I definitely will try to find out where you keep it! I know how to sit and give you my paw and I know to run to my crate when the food comes out. I am crate trained and will happily go to my crate to eat my meals and just relax in there if my humans are around. Once I realize you’re leaving, though, I get a little upset. I just don’t want to be alone! I calm down after a few minutes and go right to sleep.


I’m pretty much the typical velcro GSP. If you get up, so do I. I love to chew on bones and tennis balls. I had never seen a toy before so I’m still learning how fun they can be!  I also love to play with my foster brother. We like to wrestle and zoom around the yard. I’ve been around all types and sizes of dogs so that won’t be an issue. I’ve never seen a cat but my foster mom says since my prey drive is so strong I probably won’t do well with them. I’ve been around kids and I think they’re great but if they move too quickly around me I might get a little scared.  So it’s probably best if I’m adopted by a family with older children who understand my fear and are more careful around me. I really like having another dog in the house, you know to help show me the ropes. But, really, I just love to be around others!

My foster mom says I’m such a good dog. Everyone who’s met me has fallen in love instantly! If you’re looking for a great companion dog who just wants to give you all the love he has, then I’m your guy! If you’re interested in adopting me fill out an application (if you haven’t already) and email my foster mom, Emylee.