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Hi, I’m Shadow in NC, and I’m a fabulous dog (that’s what my foster Mom calls me)! I’m the sweetest GSP (again, from my foster Mom – but I think she’ pretty smart). I’ve been told I’m in my ‘goofy puppy’ stage with my long legs (i.e. I’m a little awkward at 1 year old). I’m a smart boy and I am crate and potty trained. I do great at night and will whimper a little if I need to go out. I’m your typical very high energy GSP pup, but I don’t seem to have a strong prey drive – I’m just too busy running with my girlfriend June to bother with anything else! June and I will run for hours if my foster Mom lets us. Then we will come inside and plop down for a good nap (I really enjoy having another dog to play with).

I’m a typical Velcro dog and one of my favorite things is to sit right next to you on the sofa. Once I’m next to you, you could poke and pull all over me and I’m fine with that – I’m just happy you’re paying attention to me. I’m also not a licker (unless you’re food) and am not food aggressive.

I love kids! I have 3 foster human siblings and I love them (the youngest is 8). Tiny humans might not be good for me since I’m still a pup and big and well, could knock them down accidentally. I haven’t met a cat yet so not sure about those. But I love to play with other dogs (but haven’t met any little ones yet).

I’m learning a lot here – I know ‘here boy’, sit, down, off, kennel and treat! I’m working on stay and drop but I just get too excited I can’t seem to master those for longer than a second! I do still pull a lot on a leash and I want to run out the door to see what’s happening – so I’ll need a family to keep a close eye on me. I just love to go for a ride in the car too – I pretend I’m a race car driver. 

So I have a vice. I love to chew – what pup doesn’t? I have some bones and a Kong, but anything with stuffing, I can’t help it, I will tear apart. I also chew my blankets and old towels to shreds – it’s just FUN!

My foster family says I have a great disposition and will make a fabulous companion. If you are interested in adopting me, please complete a SEGSP Rescue adoption application (if you haven’t already) and email her foster Mom, Mary.