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Hi all, my name is Mack. I am not a barker. I am not a whimperer. In fact I am a pretty easy dog if I must say so myself. Handsome too. At least, that’s what everyone says when they get to meet me. I’m also a “love bug.” That’s my foster Mom’s term and I kinda like it. When I came to the rescue I didn’t have any fur…it felt pretty strange and didn’t feel good. But thanks to the many humans that tested and helped me, turns out it was just poor nutrition and I have it all back now.

I love my humans soooo much I just want to be next to you, on you, cuddling at all times (except when I’m playing with my canine foster sibling). If you’ll let me I’ll sleep with you so you’ll need a big bed… My foster mom tells me I have no idea how big I am and when I play or want to get your attention, I do this little gentle nibbling thing. I don’t know why I do it but I promise, it doesn’t hurt…..I just like to put my mouth on things. Speaking of my mouth, I also LOVE to chew so I need very durable chew toys to play with (I love those too). Any normal stuffed toys will be obliterated! Boy, I love to run, wrestle, play and sometimes, I get a little excited, so no small children for me…they fall down too quickly and when they cry it freaks me out. Those big kids though, bring ’em on! To be honest, my foster mom thinks I would really like to go to school. She’s been teaching me some things and I pick up on them quick! I’m super smart and want to make you happy. Plus, I’d do anything for a treat (but don’t tell her that).

I love other dogs and sometimes play a little rough, but it’s all in good fun. My canine sibling and I get along like we’ve been together forever. Well, until I nibble her ear, then, it’s ON! So, I’d love a canine sibling to play with, and a tall fenced yard is a must but, no cats for me – it’s just too tempting.

Most importantly I need a family that will spend time with me and love me forever (oh, and feed me good quality food so I never lose my fur again). If you are interested in adopting me, please complete a SEGSP Rescue adoption application (if you haven’t already) and email her foster Mom, Ellen.