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Online Adoption Form

Thank you for considering adoption from Southeast! This questionnaire is designed to help us find forever families for our rescue dogs. We ask for your understanding in that we are by no means questioning your integrity. It is our sole intent to ensure your satisfaction as well as our dogs' welfare. This questionnaire is the first step in our adoption process. We appreciate your time and will contact you shortly. Fields marked with * are required. Please feel free to contact the foster for a particular dog to obtain more information.
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Have you owned a GSP before?
If yes, do you still have your GSP?
If no, why?
*Please describe your yard (size of fenced area, fence type/height, etc.)
How far will you travel to get your dog? Please list miles or time in hours.
Other pets in your household? If no, go to Family Section.
List type (dog, cat, etc.) and ages:
Are ALL your current pets spayed/neutered?
If not all your pets are spayed/neutered, please list animal type.
What type of heartworm preventative do you use for your current dog(s)?
What type of training have you done with your current dog(s)?
What brand of dog food do you use?
*Family members & ages, particularly children:
Is someone home during the day?
If no one is home, will someone take time off when the dog first comes?
How much time would the dog be left alone?
Where will the dog live?
Where will the dog sleep?
What arrangements do you have for pet care when you travel?
Are you willing to attend obedience class?
How do you plan to exercise your dog?
Do you have any limitations on caring for health issues of the dog?
Under what circumstances would you return your adopted dog to rescue?
Current or prior veterinarian for reference:
Have you applied with other Rescue groups? If so, please list:
Have you already been in contact with a volunteer from SE GSP Rescue?
How did you hear about us?
Comments or anything else you'd like us to know?
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