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2013 Rescue of the Year

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  • Niemann (74%, 134 Votes)
  • Bones (19%, 34 Votes)
  • Harley (5%, 10 Votes)
  • Charlie (2%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 182

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Our family had been looking at the SEGSP website everyday for over a month, but just didn’t seem to connect with any of the rescues. Then one day a picture of “Maple” (now Harley) was posted, and we had to head to Sparta that weekend to meet her, I mean we HAD to go! Harley was standing outside with her foster family as we pulled up, and I instantly knew that she was going to join our family. She was so scared that she just stood there shaking the entire time we were visiting. As we pulled out of the Worricks driveway, I yelled out the window…”BYE Harley we will be back for you, I promise”!
We picked Harley up the day after Easter, and she was scared to death. Harley lived her entire life at a breeder and already had 2 (maybe 3) litters. This pretty girl wasn’t even 2 years old yet. Our family could tell she had a wise and gentle soul she just never had a chance until she stayed with her foster family. Our family is made up of a 4 year old son and twin 2 year old daughters and until a year ago August, a yellow lab named Casie. Casie passed away at 14.5 and after the day she passed away our family didn’t feel right. Of course, until we met Harley. On our way to pick up Harley my husband only had two requests, 1. That we try to train Harley to poop and pee in the pine needles NOT the grass and 2. To NOT sleep in our bed like Casie did. The night we got her home, she was in the bed with us…and after a few weeks she only does her business in the pine needles! SMART DOG!
Harley is part of our family now and we are all so happy. She goes with us everywhere and all she really wants is to be with us. The kids climb on her and builds forts around her and she loves it! She goes with us to take the kids to school, on vacation to Tennessee, riding on the Gator, pretty much everywhere. She is my running partner and goes with me every morning with so much enthusiasm and happiness that I feel bad when we miss a day. I take her on group runs, and she lets everyone pet her and give her love – she just stands there and enjoys every minute of it.
We didn’t think we could find a dog as wonderful as our first, Casie, but we are 100% postivie that Harley was sent to us by one very special doggie in heaven!!
Thanks SEGSP for giving us our beautiful, happy and sweet Harley Gene Smith!

Hey, I’m Bones. My English ain’t so great, but here’s my story. I don’t got no teeth ‘cause I tried to chew my way out of a box, but that don’t mean nothin’ to me now. Let me explain. You see, I was abandoned and left in a “hunter’s box” a few years back. It was all terrible and such, so I tried to chew my way out ‘cause I was starvin’. I got lucky and somebody found me and took me to the shelter. I don’t remember much from those days, but they tell me I was so skinny you could see all of my bones, which is where I gots my name. Well, the shelter told SE GSP Rescue that if the Rescue didn’t take me in, they would put me to sleep ‘cause I was in such bad shape. And, I gotta tell ya, sleep sounded good to me at that point. But, the Rescue and my mom jumped all over that and saved my bacon. They put together a big ol’ transport to get me out of that shelter and to my foster home (which ended up being my forever home). I was so tired and hungry, I didn’t know if I would make it. But Blake and Tiffany took me in, fed me, and gave me a soft bed with a teddy bear, who helped me sleep.

The only thing I really remembers from that time is when Mom dropped a ball in front of me. Holy gosh, even in my bad state, I went after that ball. I love me some ball chasin’! It was that very moment when I decided that I wanted to live – and I wanted to live with these crazy people. Oh, there were still them days when they thought I wouldn’t survive – I was full of something called heartworms and intestinal worms, and I was a good 20 pounds underweight. But I knew in my heart that this is where my ol’ bones was meant to be. So I kept on truckin’ and kept gettin’ healthy. Now, I have a pillow to put my head on at night, two squares a day, and a tennis ball whenever I want. I even know how to give and receive love. You just can’t imagine how scart I was the first time my family tried lovin’ on me. I never seen such! Now, I can’t get enough of it, and snugglin’ is one of my favorites. Mom and Dad say that I’s s’pposed to be adopted out but they loved me too much and couldn’t let me go. And I’m happy they didn’t. My life is purty fantastic. But sometimes I think my parents is the lucky ones. I mean, they got me out of this whole deal. So, who really came out on top?

Hi I’m Charlie. My rescue journey began before I was even born. My mom was found pregnant and hungry and was taken to the shelter. I was super lucky that we ended up in the shelter we did! The staff took on the huge job of helping mom give birth to us and keeping us quarantined for 10 days until SEGSP Rescue could come get us. I traveled 500 miles with Mom, my brother and 3 sisters to our foster home. We all grew up together with Mom to teach us all about being a dog. Once we were ready, my sister and I traveled another 600 miles to our forever homes in North Carolina. My new home has another GSP in it, a big yard and a pond! I’m a year old now, I’m still growing, still learning and having tons of fun. My new mom says I’m the a luckiest kind of rescue cuz I’ve been loved all my life.

On May 29th  we were contacted by our FL state coordinator, Dorothy Thomson, asking if we had found a dog as she had a rescue that might work. I told her that we had just adopted a SE GSP rescue named Miller from Alabama and that he was perfect and we loved him very much. She was happy to hear that we had found a dog and that the paper work to her just hadn’t caught up to her yet. She mentioned that we probably we wouldn’t be interested in a dog with three legs anyway and that he would be a lot of work. My response was – so tell me about the three legged dog…….

The dog had been taken in by Polk County Animal Control as a possible hit by car with trauma to both rear legs. GSP rescue was notified the following day and confirmed that they would take the dog. Polk County AC decided that they would not release the dog until after the wait time to see if anyone claimed him. They put him in a holding area without any pain medication (other than a short acting drug at the time he was admitted) and no amount of pleading by GSP rescue would get them to release the dog early for medical attention. Seven days later it was Friday, Memorial Day weekend when Polk County AC allowed him to be released and he was taken immediately by a GSP foster volunteer to a veterinarian. The following Tuesday Dorothy was given the only choice of saving him due to a severe infection in the broken leg – the leg had to be amputated. Then she contacted us. We filled out the necessary paperwork to become a foster home and we picked him up the veterinarian on Saturday, June 2nd. He had a huge seroma on the amputated leg which required many challenging and creative bandage changes and he really had not learned to balance or walk very well. There also was obvious undiagnosed damage to his remaining left hind leg.  I probably should mention at this point that Richard is a veterinarian certified in acupuncture and chiropractic and that I am a certified veterinary technician with a specialty in canine rehabilitation. The dog also needed a name – so we called him Niemann after one the Tampa Bay Rays starting pitchers that had just broken his leg when hit by a ball in a game.

The left hind leg was radiographed and thankfully it appeared to not be broken but there was torn ligament damage. We treated him with a Class IV laser, acupuncture, antibiobitcs, pain medication, probiotics and herbal medicine. Because the original veterinarian had amputated the leg at the stifle (knee) Niemann would continuously hit it on the ground when he would get up and down and the leg would just not heal over the bone. We consulted with a local veterinarian boarded in surgery who said that the only option was for Niemann to have a second surgery. That surgery was scheduled for July 23rd. The leg was still so inflamed that Dr. Stanton was unable to neuter him at the time. The remaining rear leg was x-rayed again and Dr. Stanton was certain that there were torn ligaments but no fractures. Niemann recovered very well after this surgery and seemed to be able to walk better and was more active overall He once again was scheduled for surgery to be neutered on August 14th . The surgery and recovery was uneventful. I think that after the other pain that he had suffered this was nothing for him. We were finally able to complete the adoption process.

We have no previous history and are not even certain of his age – we decided to make him 3 years old and made his birthday the day we got him on June 2nd. Niemann is a very happy dog who loves to hang out and explore at our barn. He has never barked but will whine when he wants something. He loves people, trucks and to go bye-bye. He chases lizards on the fence and I caught him last week chasing ducks and he even went swimming in the pond. We love it that he is part of our family