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2015 Rescue of the Year

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  • Zoe (45%, 649 Votes)
  • Olive Rose (42%, 615 Votes)
  • Cooper (6%, 92 Votes)
  • Katie (4%, 58 Votes)
  • Bailey (2%, 26 Votes)
  • Jack (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Riley (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,456

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Cooper is the rescue of all rescues, a true testimonial to SE GSP Rescue. Some may recall roughly a year ago when coordinator Tiffany Painter, put out the alert that a GSP named Freckles had found his way into a rural Ga shelter and was said to be rapidly losing weight due to his anxiety from being in his predicament. He weighed approximately 42 pounds when first brought to the shelter, only to fall to a frail 32 pounds after being there a short couple weeks. Story was that he was abandoned by his owners and dropped of there after being found by two old men. That’s all we knew…turns out what we didn’t know was what we’d soon come to figure out, Freckles had  clearly had a hard life up till then. A life no dog ever deserves. He had not only the physical scars in his malnutrition, nothing but skin and bones, but also we later came to find out how his emotional scars, best evidenced by unpredictable aggression issues, were far more severe than any of the physical ones. After seeing Tiffany‘s call to arms, the very next day I hopped in the car and set the navigation towards middle of knowhere Ga and a tiny shelter. Fortunately to the shelters’ credit, one of the ladies there knew the breed and was also set on trying to save him. As I entered the town, I called the shelter to learn he had just been transported to the town vet due to his severe weight loss. They feared he had little time left based on his physical appearance. Upon learning of this, I promptly diverted to the vet to check his status.

What greeted me at the vet was a site I’d never seen, and hope to never see again. A dog where you could see literally every bone protruding, holding his head low but with eyes that where still full of love. His beautiful little brown eyes got me.The vet stated they didn’t know what was wrong with him and they feared he has some internal blockage that they thought was precluding him from both eating and gaining weight. All the tests they were authorized to perform by the shelter yielded no diagnosis and the shelter was not willing to expend any more money for further tests. At that point, I paid the bill owed by the shelter and said he’s coming with me. Flash forward 8 months, Freckles, now Cooper, is a robust 62 lb happy GSP.  He has been thru intense training and has had constant unconditional love.  Cooper has become a happy, loving member of our family and the best friend of our three year old.  While the journey has been long and very difficult at times, we wouldn’t changed a thing!



My wife mason and I adopted him from your wonderful organization. He has brought such joy and excitement to our lives. We rescued him from his foster in Alabama. We picked him up in Asheville NC which is 2 hours from where we live in Greensboro. We don’t have much of a history on him.  Just know he was picked up in South Carolina. He fits the mold of a GSP in every way. We are so lucky to have him.




Tim and I have had the pleasure of being chosen by Bailey to join our family in sunny Florida.  She came to us in early September from her wonderful foster mother, Suzanne, in Georgia.  Bailey is an 8 year with a soft gray muzzle that she loves to rub against you when she’s ready for some love and attention.  Bailey is a soft soul that relies on nourishing hands to love her and to take her on nice long walks.  Our story of getting Bailey wasn’t a long thought out process, it was actually quite simple.  We saw her on Facebook and knew that we needed her in our lives.  Our other GSP, Louie, is an active 4 year old that “runs” our small farm in Jupiter, FL.  He has never known anything other than unconditional love and freedom.  We knew in our hearts that is exactly what Bailey needed and we were the family to give it to her.  In the short few months of having her, her tail is wagging more, she adventuring outside and exploring, and she enjoys our family nights on the couch.  We love Bailey and we are pretty sure she loves us too.


Olive Rose

unnamedOn January 3, 2014 a scrawny, but very pregnant GSP was observed wandering the neighborhood in Calera, Alabama. Two days later she wandered into the garage of Amy Jacobs. Temperatures were predicted to be in single digits that night so Amy decided to take her in. Amy took Olive (named for a small dog in a children’s book) to the vet and had her checked for a microchip; she had none. Amy found that the shelters were all full, so she decided to care for Olive until her pups were born. Olive gave birth to ten pups on Jan 9, 2014. The pups were all black, possibly a lab mix. One runt had to be put down. Amy finally discovered SE GSP Rescue and contacted Beth Harless, who posted Olive’s picture to the rescue website. I had been working with The Humane Society Of Blue Ridge for the past year, and I had recently adopted my first rescue, Riley, a Golden Retriever mix. I also had Scout, a Vizsla, who I got as a pup. When I saw Olive’s picture I knew that me and my small pack could help her. As soon as she arrived here on the mountain, I knew she would be staying. She has been a great addition to my fur family, and the three are inseparable. I credit Amy for taking Olive in and seeing to her vet care. She was also able to find homes for all the pups. Also instrumental, was Beth Cochran for treating Olive’s heartworms. Today Olive is happy, healthy, and very much a treasured family member.



Katie found herself in rescue through no fault of her own. She was surrendered to a shelter when she was 8 years old by the family who owned her. The only thing they told the shelter was that her name was Katie. Sadly, they never looked back. Katie came to SE GSP Rescue in June of 2011 and lived with her foster family for three years. We tried to place Katie two times but those homes just weren’t right for her. She was particular about who her friends were and had a ton of energy and those families just weren’t cut out for Kate. Enter Michael and Elisabeth in June of 2014. They saw Katie’s bio on our website and it was love at first sight. Michael and Elisabeth had just been through the loss of their two GSPs and were wanting to fill their home with love again. They drove four hours one way on a hot day in June to meet their girl, and a match was made! It was a bittersweet time three years in the making for her foster family, but Katie finally had her heaven on earth.

​Katie has her forever mom and dad completely trained, and she knows how to get as many treats as she wants! She is the best thing in their lives and their lives would not be whole without their Kate. She gets to travel all the time and go for long walks in the mountains of Tennessee! It took a long time for sweet Kate to find her forever family, but her foster family loved her unconditionally until her heaven could be found. And thankfully now, Michael and Elisabeth never looked back either.



We had he privilege of adopting Riley (formerly known  as Louise to the rescue) last April. She was going to be put down in a kill shelter in the Outer Banks area when we met her through the SEGSP rescue. This sweet little girl has brought so much joy and laughter to our home with her antics. Her over-the-top displays of affection and ability to make us laugh daily make her the perfect gift to our family. We truly believe she was heaven-sent to bring us joy. Every good and perfect gift is from above!

IMG_2612 IMG_4998


  We welcomed Zoe into our family in May of 2014, and although her journey to us was on a long and winding road, I couldn’t imagine her being anywhere else. Zoe’s original owner did not want her after she ended up at a shelter.  It was required that she be spayed before leaving the shelter, and the owner refused to take her back.  From there, she was shuttled around to so many different locations, it is difficult to even recount all of her travels.  She finally settled in with Gail Bartlett, her foster mother, who gave her a loving and stable home.  But even then, Zoe still had a difficult time finding the right forever home.  It took several more moves until she found her way to us.  Through everything, Zoe showed that she is a true survivor with a remarkable spirit!

One evening I was checking out GSPs online because we decided that a GSP would be a perfect sibling for our current canine daughters, Willow (a Weimaraner) and Violet (a Vizsla).  We initially started looking for breeders, but when searching online, I came across the SE GSP Rescue website.  Immediately I realized that we should have been looking to rescue all along.  I browsed through available dogs, and when I read about Zoe I just knew that she belonged with us.  Right then, I filled out the online adoption form.  After submitting the application, I was not patient at all.  Zoe needed a home, and I didn’t want her (or us) to have to wait any longer.  I emailed Gail Bartlett several times asking if she had received my application.  Once I finally spoke to Gail on the phone, she told me everything she knew about Zoe, and asked “Are you still interested?”  Of course, I was interested, there was no doubt in my mind that she was to be part of our family!  Then, the bad news came, there had already been arrangements for Zoe to be adopted. Gail mentioned that there was the possibility that Zoe might not be a good fit for the current adoptees, but it was with a heavy heart that I told the rest of the family that Zoe would not be coming to live with us.  We were all happy for Zoe, but it just didn’t seem right, she belonged with us and we all knew it!  I have to admit that I secretly hoped Zoe and the other family were not a good fit.  When Gail called me after the weekend, I couldn’t help but be happy.  It was another sad situation for Zoe, but really just another turn in the road on her journey to us.  Gail made arrangements to bring Zoe to visit our home.  We were all excited and nervous.  We knew Willow and Violet wouldn’t be as excited about Zoe as we were, but what if they did not get along with her at all?  I have to say, they were not very welcoming, but they did tolerate her!  Gail agreed that Zoe had finally found her home, and we made it official on May 3, 2014. It took some time for Willow and Violet to totally accept Zoe.  Willow growled at her every time she walked by, and Violet just thought that maybe if she ignored her she would go away.  Looking at the three of them now, you would think that they have always been together.  We often say that we believe Zoe has forgotten her previous life and struggles, and she believes she has always been a part of our family, and we couldn’t imagine it any other way either.

I would like to add that Gail Bartlett is a terrific foster mother, which I am sure you already know.  Her love and concern for Zoe was genuine, and it was clear that she would not let Zoe go to home that was not perfect for her, even if that meant adopting her herself.  I cannot thank Gail and the rest of the SE GSP Rescue group enough for the work you do.  It truly takes special people to put so much time, effort, and love into making sure these dogs get the good life they deserve.  If the time comes that we decide to add another dog to our family, there is no doubt that we will be looking to provide a good home to a rescue dog, and not looking for a breeder.