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Volunteer Application

Thank you for volunteering your services to Southeast Rescue! Both for insurance and reference purposes, it would help us if you could provide the following information. We appreciate your time and will contact you shortly. Fields marked with * are required. Thanks, and welcome!
Alternative Email
If you would like to add another email for contact purposes please complete.
*Name (First AND Last, please)
Southeast GSP Rescue covers the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky (which we cover in conjunction with Ohio), Mississippi, North/South Carolina, Tennessee. It is our policy to adopt only to homes within our region.
*Primary Phone
Secondary Phone (cell)
Best Time to Call
*Do you rent or own?
How many years of experience with GSPs?
Types of experience (obedience, agility, training, field trials, etc):
GSPCA Membership # If applicable? (Not required)
Other breeds you have experience with:
What other rescues have your volunteered for? (Please List)
If you have adopted from us before, when?

Foster homes are priceless to SEGSP Rescue! Without foster homes we cannot save dogs. If you can foster, we thank you for volunteering!

*Are you willing to foster dogs for SEGSP Rescue? (If no, skip to "other volunteer opportunities".)
How many dogs can you foster at one time?
Do you have a preference of fostering a male or female GSP?
How long will you foster a dog (i.e., temporary or until adoption which is on average 1-2 months)?
Do you own any crates? If so, please list how many and type and size of each:
Where would your foster dog sleep at night?
Where would your foster dog spend his time during most of the day?
Are you willing to teach basic obedience training to your foster (sit, stay, etc)?:
Are you willing to do more advanced training (behavior modification, phobias, etc)? If yes please explain type.
Will you provide food for your foster dog (note: Rescue pays for all pre-approved medical care, heartworm preventative and flea meds as needed):
Do you have a regular Veterinarian? If so, please list name, address and phone number of Vet.
May we contact your vet for a reference?
Please provide us with the name and contact information of a personal reference that is not a relative (e.g. neighbor, etc.)
If renting, have you discussed fostering a dog with your Landlord and have permission?
If fostering, do you understand that the foster dog is the property of SE GSP Rescue and you must respond to communication from us in regards to the dog
If fostering and you decide you want to adopt your foster dog, do you agree to follow our standard adoption process (e.g. application, fee, etc)?
Household Information
Do you currently own any other dogs?
If so, please list breed, gender, age and spay/neuter status of each dog:
Other companion animals in your household?
If so, please list other pets (cat, bird, small animal, etc)
Someone home during the day?
Please describe your yard (size of fenced area, fence type/height, etc.)
Please list all members of your household and ages:
Other Volunteer Opportunities
Will Transport Dogs?
How Far?
Will ID GSPs in person (owner surrender, shelters, etc)
Will visit shelters/pounds
Will do fundraising, or assist with fundraising events?
Do you own or work for a business that might be willing to help SE GSP Rescue (e.g., Vet, grooming, other...
Any other any specific talents that you would be willing to share (e.g., computer skills, vet assistance, graphic design, etc)?
Have you been in contact with a volunteer from SE GSP Rescue? If so, list:
Comments or anything else you'd like us to know?
Please read the following and be sure you understand the following terms of this agreement.

I agree to read and follow the SEGSP Rescue Volunteer Guidelines.

I understand that it is my decision whether or not to foster any particular dog. I will not hold Southeast GSP Rescue, GSPCA Rescue or GSPCA responsible for any damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly by any dog I handle as a volunteer for any rescue program.

I understand that it is not the policy of Southeast GSP Rescue to reimburse costs in the rescue of dogs in any locality. I understand that I will get any expenses pre-approved prior to incurring the expense. If fostering, SE GSP Rescue will reimburse veterinary care pre-approved by the specific State Coordinator and provide heartworm and flea preventative medication as needed. I will not bring suit against Southeast GSP Rescue, GSPCA Rescue or GSPCA, its agents, volunteers, their heirs or estates in case of financial or other loss resulting from my activities as a rescue volunteer.
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