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German Shorthaired Pointers come in a wide variety of colors ranging from solid liver to white with brown spots. There are even black ones. Below are several examples.

Black & White, Ticked and Patched with a Blaze.

A solid black GSP.

“White factor” – not much ticking,
white is ‘extra white’ with patches.

A dark liver Roan

Called “saddle” markings.

Solid liver GSPs. Many also have white chests.

GSP’s can also vary in size. From females as small as 35lbs to males as large as 90lbs.

Another misconception is that GSPs always have docked tails. While it can help in identifying a dog, it is not a rule. Below are some beautiful GSPs with undocked tails.

While GSPs vary in looks, they tend to all have a similar disposition. They are highly atheltic and energeic but very people oriented.Sometimes mixes and English Pointers can be misidentified as GSP’s.