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What To Do If You Found A Dog

If you find a pet of any kind, ask your veterinarian or your local shelter to examine and scan for permanent ID (microchip).

If You Keep the Animal While Trying to Find Its Owner

  • Post flyers with information about the found animal and information on how to contact you.
  • Put an ad in newspapers.
  • Call or place fliers at local veterinary clinics.
  • Visit The Pet Rescue web site for more information about lost and found pets.
  • Call local animal shelters to list the found animal in their Found Pet Log.
  • Visit local shelters to see if a photo of the pet you have found has been posted on a bulletin board as a missing pet.

If You Cannot Keep the Animal While You Try to Find Its Owners

  • Take the animal to the shelter.
  • Or call Animal Control to come and pick up the animal.

Stray animals must complete a mandatory (how long depends on the shelter) hold before being made available for adoption. Please realize that while shelters will do their best to find the lost pet’s owners or a new adoptive family, they may not be able to find a new home for the pet, and there is a chance the animal will be humanely euthanized.